Meet your doula


Hello there! I'm Leticia,

I am excited to provide you with nurturing support during this incredible journey of early parenthood. I am here to offer a helping hand, a listening ear, and a compassionate heart as you navigate the joys and challenges that come with welcoming a new baby into your family.
I embarked on my professional journey in 2012 as a Teacher and Recreation Leader for babies and toddlers. My path led me to become a Nursery Assistant in a daycare, where I had the incredible opportunity to care for several infants. It was during this time that I discovered my deep passion for working with young children. As a Nanny, I discovered the emotional journey of the postpartum period and saw first hand how the birth of a new baby impacts the entire family. As I learned more about postpartum, recovery, comfort, nourishment, and the need to be connected, I could provide better care and support. I discovered what kind of care new families really needed, and since then, I have dedicated myself to specializing in postpartum support and supporting new families.
I believe in creating a nurturing and supportive environment where you and your baby can thrive. I'm here to support you with breastfeeding, offer guidance on newborn care, and provide practical tips to help you feel confident in your parenting journey. I am well-versed in providing essential care for your little one, from feeding and diaper changes to establishing sleep routines and soothing techniques. My caregiving philosophy is built on the strong pillars of Attachment Parenting, Montessori and RIE. I firmly believe in treating every child with respect as a unique individual, honoring their wishes and needs. Providing them with ample opportunities and space for self-exploration is essential.

As your Doula, I understand that every parent has their own concerns and challenges, and I am here to provide non-judgmental support and guidance tailored to your unique needs. I am committed to fostering a warm and loving atmosphere, where you feel comfortable and cared for. I am passionate about creating a strong bond between you and your baby, encouraging positive parent-child interactions and providing you with the tools and knowledge to develop your own parenting style.
I look forward to joining you on this incredible journey of parenthood and helping you create cherished memories along the way!

Warm wishes,

Leticia Fidelis-Recine

Training & Credentials

Postpartum Doula Certification - ProDoula - September 2023
Postpartum Doula Training - CAPPA - May 2023
Newborn Care Specialist - Newborn Care Solutions - January 2023
Breastfeeding for Birth Professionals - December 2023
Breastfeeding Workshop - Doulas Institute - April 2023
Comforting Touch for Doulas - Yiska Obadia - June 2023
Sleep Conditioning for the first 4 months - NCTA - June 2023
Montessori For Babies - November 2022
RIE Nurturing Nanny - October 2022
Youth Recreation Training - August 2014
ESL Teaching Training - October 2013
Trustline Background Check Registered
American Red Cross Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED
Updated Immunizations COVID, Flu and Tdap - October 2023

Red Cross
Cappa Doula
NCS Graduate
Trust Line